Experiment: how to choose a quality lock

Choosing a padlock is a responsible task: the protection of your welfare directly depends on its quality. Today, there are often situations in the market when two visually identical locks sold at the same price, in practice have absolutely different reliability indicators. How to choose a quality padlock? The correct answer is to look under the case.

We checked the quality of “CHAZ” padlocks during a practical experiment. By comparison, two other locks of other brands from the same price category were purchased in a regular Russian store. In each lock the area above the secrecy mechanism was cut off with an angle grinder.

Experiment results

As the test showed, the locks of Russian and Chinese production differ in quality. As a result, three visually identical locks have different consumer properties and, thus, have different reliability indicators.

Experience proves that only the manufacturer of Russian locks "CHAZ" can guarantee the high reliability of its products, because it conducts regular monitoring of the used materials and the assembly quality.

How to buy a quality padlock?

When choosing a CHAZ padlock from the assortment on the website, pay particular attention to its level of protection using the "Lock Selection" function. A variety of filters will help you to choose the right lock. Locks with a concealed steel shackle with a diameter of 14 mm and a steel case provide maximum protection.

Dear customers!
What you need to know before buying a lock:

Though locks with a name written in Russian can be made not in Russia, but in China

If the lock is made in Russia, the exact address of the manufacturer will be indicated on its packaging

Only Russian locks can guarantee reliability

How to check the authenticity of the CHAZ trademark lock