CHAZ padlocks. Wholesale from the manufacturer

CHAZ padlocks. One of the most popular and sought-after brands producing locks on the market of Russia and neighboring countries. The first padlock was made in 1971, and for more than 40 years PAO Cheboksary Aggregate Plant has been the largest manufacturer of padlocks and other locking products in Russia. Modern quality-control methods that are used at all stages of the production of CHAZ locks make them reliable and durable.

The exclusive padlock sales representative distributor of PAO CHAZ offers dealers of consumer goods to buy padlocks in bulk at factory prices. If You want to become a dealer of CHAZ locks, please, send the application posted on the page to Partners.

The main differences of CHAZ padlocks series

For the convenience of choosing padlocks, the assortment is divided into the following series:

  • Standard Protection;
  • Increased Protection;
  • Ultra Protection;
  • One Key Lock Sets;
  • Design Series;
  • Cable Locks;
  • Romance Series;
  • Mailbox and Furniture Locks.

Each series of padlocks reflects their main characteristics: degree of protection, type of shackle, type of lock case or applicable scope of the lock. The lock belongs to a certain series in accordance with several characteristics:

  • Shackle diameter.
    The larger the diameter of the lock`s shackle, the fewer chances that it would be broken with sawcut.

  • Case material.
    The cases are made of aluminum, steel and cast-iron. For example, heart-shaped locks, which are used at weddings as a symbol of love and a strong marriage, have an aluminum case. Indeed, the aesthetic function of such locks is much more important than the protective one.

    Cases of padlocks of the Ultra Protection series are made of cast-iron and steel, which is necessary for reliable protection of property: locks are suitable for gates of a house or a summer residence, garage, metal and entrance doors.
  • Applicable scope of the lock.
    In the catalog it is easy to find padlocks even for specific needs: The design series is represented by locks of an unusual shape, which are perfect as a gift to a loved one.

    If it is necessary to wholesale padlocks for bicycles, scooters, baby carriages - in the catalog they are presented by a Cable Locks series.

    The Romance Series is represented by beautiful, elegant heart-shaped locks that are ideal for a wedding celebration. One Key Lock Sets offers a convenient opportunity to open all the locks with one key, and not to carry a heavy bunch in your pocket.

PAO Cheboksary Aggregate Plant offers padlocks in bulk from the manufacturer. If You want to conclude an agreement, it is necessary to leave an application for partnership and for the possibility of selling CHAZ trademark goods.