Struggle against infringing merchandize

Beware of counterfeits! Padlocks

Dear customers! We ask you to be vigilant and choose only original locks from the manufacturer PAO Cheboksary Aggregate Plant.  Remember: counterfeit padlock with illegally applied trademark "CHAZ" is a threat to your tranquility and financial well-being.

    Why should you avoid getting a counterfeit?

  • The quality of the counterfeit lock is not confirmed by anything and there is no manufacturer’s warranty for it.
  • Cheap materials and a low level of assembly lead to a discrepancy between the lock protective properties and those declared on the package.
  • The risk of finance and property loss due to breaking increases significantly.
  • A counterfeit lock will require replacement soon, which means additional time and money waste.

Important! Most often, the CHAZ padlocks of the following models are faked: ВС2А, ВС2-4А, ВС2-4А-01, ВС2М1, ВС2М1-01, ВС2М1-02.

Be careful! Even if a fake lock is visually similar to the original from the CHAZ trademark, a manufacturer who is hiding under a false name is not responsible for its quality. How to visually distinguish a counterfeit lock from the original one, is shown on the example of the BC2A and BC2-4A-01 models.

Differences between the original and counterfeit locks

Original lock "CHAZ"

If you find the outlets of counterfeit lock products with the logo "CHAZ", we kindly ask you to inform about this:

via phone: 8 800 555 0095 (call is free)