Lock Authentication

On the original lock products “CHAZ” there is always a protective sticker with a unique individual code, with which it is easy to recognize whether it is a fake or a genuine lock.

Choose from three options to check your lock:

Use the “Code Check” form

Code Check

Send SMS with the code to short umber 2420

The number is available for all operators of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The SMS cost depends on the tariffs of your operator

Call the toll-free hotline number 8 800 555 0095 and name the code from the package to our operator.

Calls are received around the clock.

If a fake is detected, please contact our call-center specialist at the hotline 8 800 555 0095. We will help consulting on the return of counterfeit products to the improper seller and take appropriate measures to ensure that this situation will not repeat with our buyers.