Standard protection

Padlocks of the Standard Protection series: Russian locks with a quality mark.

Locks of the Standard Protection series are the lightest and most compact models in the assortment of TM CHAZ.

The locks are available in a lightweight aluminum case, weighing no more than 300 g. For the possible use with small eyelets, the diameter of the shackle is made in sizes of 8 and 10 mm. Despite their small size and lightness, these padlocks serve reliably and for a long time due to high-quality assembly and lack of plastic parts.

Small padlocks are often used for switchboards, cabinets, front doors and utility rooms. The series presents small locks with elongated shackles such as "CHAZ” BC2-49-01, “CHAZ” BC2-4A-01, “CHAZ” BC2-47 models. Such shackles allow you to use the padlock in non-standard or, at first glance, not designed for this places, for example, double cabinet doors or entrance doors, wicket doors, metal rod gates, etc.

We offer to wholesale the Standard Protection series padlocks at factory prices. Please, fill out the application on “To Partners” page, and our manager will contact you.