Design Series

Design Series Padlocks

Padlocks of the Design Series combine the thematic appearance (designer case) and the high level of quality inherent in all models of CHAZ locks presented in the catalog.

Among the locks of the Design Series:

  • padlocks with a straight shackle, access to which is limited, and it prevents the lock breaking;
  • padlocks with a hidden shackle, providing protection against breaking;
  • padlocks with auto-locking;
  • padlocks with shackles of 10, 12, 14 mm.

Padlocks of this series will be a wonderful gift for your loved ones. After all, a lock is a symbol of protection, reliability, endurance, strength and durability. For a summer residence and a garden plot, choose the locks  "House", "Basket", "Fortress", "Shield and Sword". As a gift to the car owner - locks  "Truck", "Car", "Gas tank cover".

Padlocks of the Design series are exclusive beautiful locks for those who want to combine protection and beauty.

We offer to wholesale the Design Series padlocks at factory prices. Please, fill out the application on For Partners page, and our manager will contact you.